Dr. Shigang Yue

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Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) Workshops


Mingzhu Long.jpg Mingzhu Long Presented: "Image Enhancement—Denoising & Contrast Enhancement" (05/02/16), | Slides |
Yan Yan.jpg Yan Yan, Presented: "Photometric stereo for the measurement of surface texture and shape" (05/02/16),| Slides |
QinbingFu.jpg Qinbing Fu, Presented: "Collision Selective Visual Neural Network Inspired by Neurons in Juvenile Locusts" (22/10/15), | Slides |
Mai Dr. Songping Mai, Presented: "Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design for Implantable Medical Devices" (12/06/15), | Slides |
Xuqiang Xuqiang Zheng, Presented: "Development and Studies of High Speed Serial Links" (24/03/15), | Slides |
rahman Rahman Attar, Presented: "2D map construction of images from the newest generation of endoscopy system" (11/03/15), | Slides |
Farshad Farshad Arvin, Presented: "A Novel Artificial Pheromone Communication System for Swarm Robotic Applications" (18/02/15), | Slides |
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